Super Smash Bros. DLC Now Available! Lucas, Roy, And Ryu!


Masahiro Sakurai has given out his Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U presentation. While it confirms all the content that were accidentally leaked yesterday, they are now available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop on either platform. Lucas and Roy will cost $3.99 USD for either version separately, or $4.99 USD for both versions. Ryu is packaged with his own stage, Suzaku Castle, and will be a bit more expensive as a result – $5.99 USD for one version, or $6.99 USD for both versions. Various Mii Fighter costumes and headgear will cost the usual 75 cents USD for one version or $1.15 USD for both. The Dreamland 64 stage is also available for $1.99 USD for one version, or $2.99 USD for both. Please note that the Miiverse stage, a Wii U version exclusive, is free.

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