Smash Datamining Reveals DLC/Update Information


C-Could it be…?!



Poor Sakurai can’t catch a break it seems these days. An accidental early update of the Japanese version of Smash Wii U has let dataminers to discover a plethora of interesting information, most specifically confirming the earlier accidental files pointing to Ryu, the World Warrior from the Street Fighter series, and Roy, the Pheraen Lord and protagonist of FE6, The Binding Blade. Check out all the details found thus far! This page should now be updated with most of the pertinent findings, which have been essentially confirmed in the Direct. Despite the leak, this is still impressive work by Sakurai and the team! So… Much… DLC…






Roy’s design apparently is based on a hybrid design of his original/Melee and FE Awakening designs, which a concept was sent in by some people on SmashBoards if this post is to be believed. Also, here’s a reference image for what elements come from what design.


Roy’s alternate costumes. Many of them pay homage to characters in FE6.


Roy’s special moves. These aren’t really that different from their Melee counterparts – Flare Blade still OHKOs at full charge, dealing 50% damage and inflicting 10% self-damage. Counter’s a bit weaker, with a damage multiplier of 1.35x. *Note* – none of the new characters get custom special moves.


Roy appears to be more of a semi-clone now. A few changes from Melee are as follows:

  • Roy’s idle pose is different.
  • Roy holds the Sword of Seals backhanded for some attacks.
  • Roy’s jab is a single strong hit.
  • It’s possible that Roy’s hilt sweetspot is larger, and the only time you hit with the sourspot is right at the tip of the Sword of Seals.
  • Roy’s forward smash appears similar to Link’s first strike of his forward smash. Its uncharged sweetspot deals an impressive 20% damage.
  • Roy inherits an Ike/Robin-like down aerial.
  • Roy’s down throw deals little knockback at low enemy percentage.
  • Supposedly Roy flows quicker with regard to aerial moves and possibly speed as well, which is a reversal to in Melee. He still falls faster.
  • While his Final Smash is still Critical Hit, it’s more resemblant of his actual Critical Hit animation in FE6. Which is AWESOME.





Ryu’s design is pretty much from Street Fighter IV.


Ryu’s alternate costumes. These are all from his alternate colors in Super Street Fighter II.


A look at what Ryu brings to the table. Ryu has since been discovered to be a super technical character, with the following character traits:

  • Ryu’s normal moves have two levels of power depending on whether you tap or hold A.
  • Ryu is able to cancel some of his normals into special moves, which is true to his home game.
  • Ryu is able to perform his neutral/side/up specials with the CLASSIC inputs form the Street Fighter series. By doing so, they become more powerful, and the voice clips will be different. Moves will also appear somewhat differently.
  • The Hadoken is the neutral special move. Hold the button to increase its speed (akin to differences between punch strengths in Street Fighter). Its classic input (QCF + A, i.e. down, down forward, forward + A) will increase its damage by 1.25x.
  • Ryu is also able to perform the Shakunetsu Hadoken, a flaming Hadoken that hits multiple times and deals around 8% damage. Its input is the original input from Super Street Fighter II Turbo; i.e. HCF + A (back, down back, down, down forward, forward + A).
  • The Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is the side special move. Performed after a jump, Ryu will float slightly, making it a good recovery. However, it can’t be used repeatedly in midair.
  • Performing the original input (QCB + A i.e. down, down back, back + A) increases its strength by 1.16x and also speeds up the attack and makes it travel further.
  • The Shoryuken, the archetypal uppercut special, is Ryu’s up special move. It’s not the best recovery (I’ve heard it being around between the recovery of Little Mac and Dr. Mario, which isn’t great), but it is quite a decent attack in its own right.
  • Input the original input (DP + A, i.e. forward, down, down forward + A) to increase its power by 1.2x, and make the move invincible until the uppercut finishes and Ryu begins to freefall. In addition Shoryuken has no landing lag. Talk about crazy!
  • The Focus Attack is the down special move. Originating from Street Fighter IV, this move allows Ryu to charge an attack momentarily, and have super armor against one (and only ONE) attack, before unleashing an attack which can crumple a grounded opponent if fully charged. Also true to its home game, it’s possible to dash cancel out of the Focus Attack.
  • Particularly interesting is Ryu gets TWO Final Smashes, which are activated differently depending on how far Ryu is from the opponent. Up close, Ryu unleashes the Shin Shoryuken, a double uppercut combo that launches not too dissimilar to Little Mac’s K.O. Uppercut. From further away, Ryu fires a Shinku Hadoken, a multi-hitting Hadoken that catches opponents as it pushes them off stage.



Ryu’s series emblem, which 8B1T would’ve expected to appear like this.






Ryu’s stage from Street Fighter II, now confirmed to be called Suzaku Castle, is a new stage. Pity the walkoff on the right. It’s got a pretty awesome Omega form though. The signs on the rooftop break if struck by foes or attacks too hard, but they’ll repair themselves.



Miiverse stage. Whenever you knock out an opponent, you get a message of encouragement. Meteor smashing them gives you two! Note that sometimes your opponent will get a message of encouragement as they revive.



Dream Land 64, which is probably going to be in both versions. King Dedede appears in the background like when it first appeared in Smash 64 – if he’s not already in the battle.





So pretty! This proves Lucas has PK Starstorm, which is just like Ness’s. Also, check out Ken Masters and Inkling Girl.






The Isabelle costume (for Gunner!) appears to be the female version of the K.K. Slider one. And that other one is Mega Man .EXE.



What are you fighting for, Swordfighter?!



Brawler gets some love from other classic fighters. Heihachi from Virtua Fighter (with a female variant!), Akira (the pixelated version!) and Jacky Bryant from the Virtua Fighter series.






Victory movies. D-Did Roy just roast Falco so well done, the space ace turned into ROAST CHICKEN?! Lucas’s ending frame is kinda touching for those who know the story.


Lucas’s Announcer Call
Roy’s Announcer Call
Ryu’s Announcer Call
Kirby saying “PK Freeze!”
Kirby saying “Hadoken!”
Lucas’s Crowd Chant
Roy’s Crowd Chant
Ryu’s Crowd Chant

Have some audio. This confirms that Hadoken is Ryu’s neutral B, at least. Note how different ROY sounds to the existing ROY. =P


Clear images you get when you finish the Classic and All-Star modes. Some are quite playful, as is the spirit of the Clear Images.


Stock icons. They’re… beautiful.



Watch this before it gets taken down. The characters aren’t being played legitimately since Mario is being used as a pointer and the character files are substituted, lol


Kirby’s transformations! Woo! Excuse the missing textures.


The new characters’ Boxing Ring titles:

Lucas: Boy from Nowhere
Ryu: Tireless Wanderer
Roy: The Young Lion



Loads and loads and loads of new music! (The retro versions of Ryu and Ken themes also have sped up higher pitch ‘Pinch’ variations, which usually play when you’re low in health in a round of Street Fighter.) Yes, that’s Rhythm Heaven music you see there!


Big thanks to Random Talking Bush, his twitter replies, VGResource and the crew over at Source Gaming for a load of amazing information. Also anyone who uploaded vids, such as Crediar’s twitch who originally uploaded the gameplay vid.


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