Splatoon Released Worldwide!

If you think this article post shouldn’t be here because it’s not Mario or Mario-related, then you are correct. However, we are extremely quiet in new news this week, with nothing at all other than the Community Pic of the Day. Splatoon, a new Nintendo IP in which is a shooting game, is now released worldwide! Get ready to ink your friends or team up with them to take on against your opposing team! Despite the negativity in regards to the amount of content and voice chat, you are sure to have fun, which you have established during the times when we had the Global Testfire throughout the weekends of May 2015. Are you prepared to get yourself inked? The game is now available for download, or you can go to your local retailer to pick up the game, for only $59.99. Not getting the game because it’s not Mario? Come on, it doesn’t hurt to try something new. Just try it out, you are sure to have fun! More content is slated to arrive in August 2015, so get ready!

The Splatoon amiibo figures and the packs are also now available to purchase. The squid figure is only available in the three-pack, so consider yourself lucky if you got the pack. The amiibo figures can be used in Splatoon to play more challenges to unlock more content. And if you’re reading this, well, it might be too late for you to snatch the fourth wave of the Super Smash Bros. amiibo figures. The figures are Ness (exclusive to GameStop in US), Jigglypuff (exclusive to Target in US), Greninja (exclusive to Toys R’ Us in US), Wario, Charizard, Pac-Man, Robin, Lucina, and Silver Mario. If you got them pre-ordered, then you should be good. If not, well, you are going to get lucky or you won’t ever get your hands on it. Good luck with the amiibo figure hunting, they’re all very limited in supply! Remember that Wario can be used in Mario Party 10. Each figure will run you $12.99. The Splatoon pack will run you $34.99.

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