Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC Pack 2 Now Available!

The long awaited Animal Crossing Pack for Mario Kart 8 DLC is finally here! Available now from the eShop or in the Mario Kart 8 shop, it should be in your Wii U console if you have already pre-ordered it. If not, you can purchase it for $7.99, or the bundle for both packs for $11.99. Start your engines, and get racing on four retro courses and four new courses, as male and female Villager, Isabelle, and Dry Bowser, in four new vehicles! Enjoy your new Animal Crossing pack! You can also grab costumes for your Mii by using your Amiibo figurines, too! The Zelda Pack can also be purchased now for $7.99. Getting both packs will also allow you to use different colored Yoshis and Shy Guys for racing. Along with the DLC, there is also the update where you can go high speed in 200cc! Braking is crucial, use it or you’ll crash all the time and poor Lakitu will have to carry you hundreds of times!

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