MPL Community Night – Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

LMDMHuh? Now why are we doing this game you might ask? Why not? You guys were asking for it and we played a lot of smash and kart already while still waiting for more to come.

When does this start?
The community night starts on Saturday, March 21st 2014 at 1PM PDT

What do I need to do to join?
Simply provide your 3DS friend codes by commenting them below, and then add each other’s onto your 3DS so you can join them when this starts! We might also have some hosts too but some (Like me, for example) might not be on for long so try and see if you can get others there to!


Important Notes:
– No cheating, this is just an event for fun, not some kind of competition.
– Respect the other players. Don’t come on just to ruin everyone else’s fun.
– Work together! This is a co-operative game, and I’m sure others won’t like it if you’re trying to just beat them in everything while they’re trying to clear the areas (unless you all are being competitive, which is fine).
– Finally – have fun!

For those that are frequent visitors to the site, we have a shoutbox set up below. Feel free to exchange friend codes and play in preparation of the event. Get to know your fellow readers and the shoutbox will also be our main communication during the event. See you all Saturday!

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