Hopes and Predictions for Mario Party 10 DLC

Did you ever think a Mario Party game would get DLC? While nothing has been said about Mario Party 10 and the possibility of downloadable content, the precedent for Nintendo games on the Wii U to feature DLC has never been higher. While we wait for any sort of word on DLC for Mario Party 10, let’s look at some of the possible additions we could get!


Character Pack

Who doesn’t love new characters? DLC could throw in a new character or two, especially considering the character select screen for Mario Party 10 features a large button for random selection. This could easily be moved to leave room for two more character slots. Obviously, slots on a character select screen are not the final reason as to why more characters weren’t included, but it could indicate that the developers wanted to leave room for future characters. If anything, we can get some characters from Mario Party 9 or Island Tour, assuming they are easy to port over.


Board Pack

How about some retro boards? Obviously, the new playstyle in the recent entries in the series doesn’t really work with the boards of the older games, but there are a few that would make the cut. Boards like Pagoda Peak can be easily integrated with the car gameplay, and you could even change some boards to feature a linear path. Maybe some boards can be pulled straight from Mario Party 9 and Mario Party: Island Tour. Doubtful that any brand new boards would be created, but you never know!


Minigame Pack

A minigame pack is one of the more probable kinds of DLC we could get. You could easily pull from any of the past Mario Party games to find a perfect collection of retro minigames. Getting brand new minigames isn’t a crazy idea either. A pack of 10 or 15 new minigames could be what helps keep Mario Party 10 new and interesting a few months down the line.


DLC through Amiibo

Amiibos give the greatest hope of any kind of DLC for Mario Party 10. There are currently six Amiibos announced for the Super Mario line, but there are actually nine different Amiibos you can use in the game. Will Donkey Kong, Wario, and Rosalina get their own Amiibo as well? If this second wave comes, will it also include the remaining characters like Daisy, Waluigi, Toadette, and Spike? If they do, there’s your DLC!


Combo Pack

If we do get some sort of DLC for Mario Party 10, it’ll most likely be some kind of combo pack like we’ve seen with Mario Kart 8. A combo pack could include a new character, two boards, ten minigames, and a couple of unlockable vehicles. It’s the best way to get a little bit of everything!

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