Week of Mario Mods Day 3: New Super Mario Bros. Showcase

The talent and enthusiasm behind the Mario modding community is unlike any other. Countless Mario titles have been deeply modified and experimented with, and this week Mario Party Legacy will be highlighting five different Mario games and series that feature a dedicated and fascinating hacking and modding community.

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Just like our showcase for Super Mario 64 earlier this week, the New Super Mario Bros. series has a lot to show off in the hacking department. Since the series started back in 2006, several full scale hacks have been created and released for both the DS and Wii versions. With tools like Reggie, players can design and create completely new levels, allowing fans to create the Mario side-scroller they’ve always dreamed of. Some of the bigger hacks have also gone the extra step and added custom tilesets, custom bosses and enemies, and even custom power-ups.

Two years ago, we showcased one of the biggest and most ambitious hacks, Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. The team behind the game put forth an immense amount of effort to create one of the most creative and innovative hacks the community has ever seen. With the addition of a completely new world map, a brand new soundtrack, and a load of ASM work, the standard for New Super Mario Bros. hacking was raised.

With that said, take a look at some of the great titles you can play right now!


Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii

Creator: Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Team


New enemies, new levels, new bosses, a new world map, new level themes, and a new power-up, all spread across the 128 levels.

Find it here!


Super Mario Bros. – The New Worlds

Creator: Arceus

A hack for the DS version featuring 80 new levels, new tilesets, new music, and more. There’s also a hidden Mini Arceus in each level!

Find it here!


New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team 2

Creator: MarioFanatic64


Rescue Daisy while managing a clone of yourself as you run through specific levels! Also features new levels, custom themes, and more.

Find it here!


So what’s next for the modding community for the New Super Mario Bros. series? For starters, the first steps of hacking New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS are being put into place, adding another game for the community to tinker with. Outside of that, there are still several other projects to look forward to!


Newer Super Mario Bros.

Creator: Skawo

What’s being described as a”sequel-slash-sortof-port of Newer Wii to the DS,” Newer Super Mario Bros. is aiming to be another brilliant hack based of the success of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. More info here!


Newer Super Luigi Wii

Creator: Newer Super Luigi Wii Team

A hack based of New Super Luigi U for the Wii U. Features Luigi as in the star role, along with Peach as a playable character! More info here!


Sonic: A New Adventure

Creator: WarioTails358

This hack aims to replace the Mushroom Kingdom with the world of Sonic, featuring level themes based on the Sonic series and a playable Sonic! More info here!

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