Return of the Forum and Comment Changes

Thanks for being patient everyone. These last few days we’ve been making some changes to the Forum, our community message boards, and without fail, we ran into a thousand different problems. Thankfully, everything is back up and running.

Now onto the changes. First and foremost, we’ve gone ahead and shrunk the Forum a bit. Over the years we’ve added a lot of different boards to separate the different topics members were posting, but we decided that cutting back and creating more general boards is best for the Forum as it currently stands.

And because the Forum has been here for so long, many topics and discussions date back five or even six years. Because of this, newer members don’t feel as welcomed or aren’t as inclined to post as they normally would. To help alleviate this, nearly all the existing topics from the Forum have been archived, allowing the new generation of members a chance to start their own discussions. The old topics still exist, along with all the stats that come with them.

So how does this tie in with the comments on the main site?

We’re going to start enforcing the comment rules we introduced a few weeks back, specifically the off-topic posting. Having 2,000+ comments on a single article is not okay when more than half of those comments have nothing to do with the topic at hand. If an article is about Smash Bros., keep the discussion to Smash Bros. only. If we have Mario Party 10 news, keep the discussion on the Mario Party 10 news.

Please do not post links and videos to other kinds of news. That’s what the Forum is for. Please don’t talk about Zelda in the Mario Kart article. That’s what the Forum is for. Please don’t start games or tournaments in the comments. That’s what the Forum is for. Please don’t preface a comment with “off-topic.” That doesn’t really help anyone.

It might sound like we are beating you over the head with our book of rules. Just remember that we are trying to create the best kind of environment for both the commenters of Mario Party Legacy, and the readers as well. There are some that just want to look through the comments to read thoughts on the article at hand. They shouldn’t have to sift through pages of comments just to get to something that actually relates.

To wrap it up, please take advantage of the Forum. We made it all shiny and new, just for you. You can post as much as you like, and to whatever topic you please (almost any topic). More importantly, have fun, and keep these simple rules in mind!

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