Club Nintendo Offers A Whopping 117 Games To Download!

Two weeks ago, Nintendo announced the closing of Club Nintendo for all regions. Back then, North America has promised it will offer dozens of downloadable games and a limited quantity of physical items.

Club Nintendo is also offering Flipnote Studio 3D for Nintendo 3DS to download, for free. For those of you in North America, the download code will come to you in your To-Do-List later this week.

Please check here for the list of games and physical rewards! Some platinum/gold rewards from previous years can be chosen, but be prepared to spend your coins! For the platinum/gold rewards at the end of the Club Nintendo year (2014-2015), stay tuned for more information!

The game downloads are available until Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Be sure to download them if you want them!

For more information on the closing of Club Nintendo, please visit Club Nintendo for the region you live in.

North America | Europe | Australia | Japan

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