Reminder: Super Smash Bros. Soundtrack CD Offer

Club Nintendo is holding a special promotion offer! If you register both Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS on Club Nintendo, you’ll receive a special soundtrack of the game! The deadline to get the soundtrack CD is coming up on Tuesday, January 13 (January 20 for those in Europe), 2015. Register the games to get the offer. Then you have until Wednesday, January 14 (January 21 for those in Europe), 2015 to redeem the Super Smash Bros. Soundtrack CD offer. Registering both games for the CD offer also enables you to get Mewtwo for free as a DLC character. If you have already done this, you have no need to worry. The CD offer will be shipped in March 2015. Mewtwo will be available in Spring 2015 (that’s Autumn 2015 for Australian members). Do not miss your opportunity!

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