MPL Community Night – Mario Kart

MK8Wait… it’s the site’s 7th anniversary, why aren’t we playing just MK7…?

So… what’s happening?
Well because I’m to indecisive about which one we should play – I’m just going to say you can play both Mario Kart 7 and 8. This is recommended because we’ll be playing with the DLC once again in MK8, leaving MK7 open to those who don’t have the DLC.


What do I need to do to join?
Depending on which game you want to join, just enter the code below into either the community or tournament room online to find our rooms! It starts from our regular CN time this Saturday, Jan. 17th at 1 PM Pacific Time (Check for timezones please if you don’t know) – No friend codes thankfully required on both ends!


MK8 CN Tournament 8907-8619-5456

5229-1585-6207 (Temp CN room)

MK7 CN Community 00-0944-8992-3681


Make sure to take advantage of the shoutbox during the event! And if you’re playing Mario Kart 8, be sure to post your replay videos on our Community Night Miiverse page for all to enjoy! Respect one another, don’t cheat, and make sure you have fun this Saturday with us!

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