Treese on Games: 50 Smash Facts, Excitebike In MK8 & More!

Mario Kart 8's DLC looks amazing.
Mario Kart 8’s DLC looks amazing.

Treese On Games is a Sunday column where Tyler Treese takes a look back at all of the week’s gaming news and gives his thoughts.

Since the last time we had a proper installment a lot of news has broke so we’ll focus on the larger items. Super Smash Bros. For Wii U had plenty of new details revealed in a special Nintendo Direct which saw the reveal of 8 player matches, the return of the stage builder and more. While the news was exciting at first it ultimately left me feeling like the 3DS version I owned was not only inferior but barely worth playing anymore. This isn’t surprising to me as I wrote after E3 that the 3DS version wasn’t the best fit for Super Smash Bros. but it was still disappointing when the Direct pointed out feature after feature that was missing.

It was also a curious decision to announce several features that would not be in the game at launch. This includes the tournament mode and Mewtwo as a playable character. Seemingly, it would make more sense to announce these features when they were available rather than show consumers that you are shipping an unfinished product out because your Holiday line-up is weak.

  • While i’m not excited for 8 player matches since I already feel that four players is chaotic enough i’m glad the option is there. I’ll try it out but I still see four player matches being my go to number of participants. The mode is great for parties however as its no fun sitting out a match when there are too many players.
  • Was anybody that upset that Mewtwo wasn’t in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS? While its nice to see an old face returning I would have much rather have seen a new character. Nice to see people who buy both getting a bonus although surely it’ll be paid DLC for those who only buy one version.
  • Excitebike Arena has been announced for Mario Kart 8’s upcoming DLC pack. This pleases me greatly as I am a huge fan of Excitebike. Hopefully this will lead to another Excitebike game in the future.
  • In our Question of the Week feature I asked if you enjoyed Smash Run in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. I have been vocal in my disappointment in the mode since launch but so far a surprising amount of users have disagreed. If you haven’t already given your two cents then do it now!
  • I have had a few readers ask me when my next Super Smash Bros. for 3DS night would be and I am happy to announce that it’ll be this upcoming Tuesday from 7-9pm Eastern Time. If you’re not already my friend on 3DS then please post your friend code below and i’ll add you. Mine is: 3566-1540-5299.

Thanks for reading and I hope to get your thoughts in the comments below!

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