MPL Community Night – Mario Kart 8

MK8With brand-new courses and some new characters and karts, it’s almost like we’ll be playing a whole new Mario Kart this week!

The new DLC for Mario Kart 8 has just released! So what better way than to celebrate with a good-old fashion Community Night here with our very own Tournament room! Easy to enter – easy to race! Make sure you’ve bought the DLC if you want to have fun, but if you just have the game, we might also have a few races without the tracks if you’re still into having some fun!

What do I need to do to join?
It’s simple – go online and enter this code to find our Tournament group! It starts from our regular CN time this Saturday, Nov 15th at 1PM PST – No friend codes required (though you may exchange with others as you see fit).


Temp CN Tournament this week 5229-1585-6207

What if I don’t have the DLC?
Unfortunately you require it if you’re wanting to play with us. However – I am also hosting a livestream of the event if you want to watch us race through it too if you want!

Make sure to take advantage of the shoutbox during each event! After the current one finishes, be sure to post your replay videos on our Community Night Miiverse page for all to enjoy! Respect one another, don’t cheat, and make sure you have fun this Saturday with us!

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