Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 Trailer and Release Date Revealed

The long awaited trailer for Mario Kart 8’s DLC Pack 1 is finally here! The new trailer was shown off in today’s Nintendo Direct, revealing all eight new courses, three new characters, and four new tracks. A release date of November 13 was given, so expect to race on the new tracks very soon! A new episode of Nintendo Minute was also released, showing off some of the tracks in greater detail! Here is the list of tracks available in the DLC pack:

Egg Cup

  1. GCN Yoshi Circuit
  2. Excitebike Arena
  3. Dragon Driftway
  4. Mute City

Triforce Cup

  • Wii Wario’s Gold Mine
  • SNES Rainbow Road
  • Ice Ice Outpost
  • Hyrule Circuit



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