Treese on Games: Your Questions Answered!

The Nabbit rules.
The Nabbit rules.

Treese On Games is a Sunday column where Tyler Treese takes a look back at all of the week’s gaming news and gives his thoughts.

In this special edition of Treese on Games i’ll be answering the questions you submitted in the comment section last week. Next week the column will go back to its usual format. Let’s begin!

  • Kirbylover490 asked: What do you do other than playing Video Games and hosting a podcast?
    Tyler’s answer: I’m a big fan of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts so I spend a lot of time watching fights. I also enjoy watching Studio Ghibli films and reading!
  • Joseph Deitemeyer asked: Have you ever thought of making a game?
    Tyler’s answer: Not skilled enough of a programmer to code a game myself. Right now I prefer covering games as a writer and have little desire to be creating games.
  • TwoDreamy Luigi asked: If your favorite character in the Mario series was real, how would you spend the day with him/her?
    Tyler’s answer: I would go rob banks with the Nabbit.
  • Luigiguy567 asked: What is your favorite Mario Party game?
    Tyler’s answer: Mario Party 2, hands-down. Close second would be Mario Party 9.
  • LudwigVonKoopa7777 asked: Do you think Nintendo will ever experiment with software like Kinect?
    Tyler’s answer: Not sure if they will do a motion camera but I do expect them to continue to experiment with ways we can interact with games be it through VR headsets, stereoscopic 3D or motion controls.
  • Boo3DSmashBoo asked: If there’s a DLC in SSB4, who do you think deserves a chance?
    Tyler’s answer: Waluigi.
  • MKKINGZ 2 asked: Favorite game of all time?
    Tyler’s answer: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.
  • Mother4Eternity asked: What is your favorite Nintendo series?
    Tyler’s answer: WarioWare.
  • Psych asked: Who’s your favorite Koopaling?
    Tyler’s answer: Roy Koopa. Bummed they are no longer Bowser’s children.
  • TwoDreamy Luigi asked: What kind of things do you dislike in video games?
    Tyler’s answer: Bad checkpoints and user interface issues are two of my biggest nitpicks.
  • Bowser498 asked: What is your favorite Mario platformer?
    Tyler’s answer: Super Mario World is my favorite.
  • Sup asked: Would you love a new WarioWare for Wii U or a new Mario Strikers?
    Tyler’s answer: Would love to see both.
  • Joseph Deitemeyer asked: Have you played any of the Mother games?
    Tyler’s answer: I have only played Earthbound which is the second game in the series.
  • Luigiguy567 asked: Who is your video game crush?
    Tyler’s answer: Lynne from the Capcom developed Ghost Trick for Nintendo DS.

Apologies if your question wasn’t answered. I received a ton of questions so I couldn’t get to them all although i’m sure i’ll do another Q&A in the future.

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