Question of the Week #10: Favorite WarioWare game?

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Hey guys, Tyler here! My favorite spin-off of the Mario series is WarioWare. In fact, I like WarioWare games more than Mario platformers. I feel like they find the perfect mixture of great gameplay and wacky humor that I love!

But before we get into the question from this week, let’s take a look at the opinions from last QotW. Last time we asked what sports you would like to see Mario and friends play next. Person McPerson wanted to see Mario compete in competitive eating. I think we all know Wario and Bowser would be the best characters in that game. User Sup wanted to see a new Super Mario Strikers game. Currently Next Level Games don’t have an announced games, could a sequel to Strikers be in the works? With that out of the way let us get to this weeks question…


What is your favorite game in the WarioWare series?


While each WarioWare game (okay maybe not the atrocity that is Snapped) has a special place in my heart, I definitely feel that WarioWare Twisted is my favorite. The tilt sensor that came packed in with the cartridge worked perfectly and the game was the perfect mixture of great microgames and a solid gimmick that did not grow old.

That is just my opinion so let us know in the comments which one you think is the best!

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