Hidden Characters Revealed Again on SSB Official Site

Only two hidden characters?! SAKURAAAAAAAAAAIII...
Only two hidden characters?! SAKURAAAAAAAAAAIII…

It seems like the hidden character updates on the official site for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U occur every six days. Why we only get two this time is anyone’s guess, but hey, at least we got an exciting Wii U menu on the PoTD (and amiibo information) for once!!


screen-1r screen-2r

screen-3r screen-4r

screen-5r screen-6r

screen-7r screen-8r

screen-9r screen-10r



screen-1g screen-2g

screen-3g screen-4g

screen-5g screen-6g

screen-7g screen-8g

screen-9g screen-10g

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