Treese On Games: Region Locking, Bayonetta Costumes & More.


Treese On Games is a new “Sunday” column where Tyler Treese takes a look back at all of the week’s gaming news and gives his thoughts.

By far the most disappointing Nintendo news of the week was that the New 3DS will be region locked just like the original handheld. While not shocking, you would expect Nintendo to be trying to cater to the more “core” crowd considering their current financial situation. Not only is making a system region free a huge good will boost it will also sell a few extra handhelds. I don’t really understand Nintendo’s line of thought and instead of importing a New 3DS I will wait for its NA release in 2015. This week wasn’t all bad news so lets take a look at what else happened.

  • Nintendo held a Bayonetta-focused Nintendo Direct on Thursday and while it wasn’t the expected place to get Mario news we did get further confirmation that Bayonetta can essentially cosplay as both Peach and Daisy alongside other notable Nintendo characters. I have always been a fan of these cameos and I hope that this will drive more Nintendo fans to give Bayonetta 2 a chance when it releases October 24th.
  • We are one week away from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS’ Japanese release date! This would be more exciting if the game could be imported and used on North American 3DS units (whoops!) or if it was also the release date for other territories (double whoops!). There is no excuse to not have a worldwide release for a game of this magnitude. Get with the times, Nintendo. Please.
  • Also this week it was confirmed that the c-stick on the New 3DS would act like the c-stick on the Gamecube controller for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Disappointingly, the game will not support the Circle Pad Pro. I have heard rumblings that it was due to Amiibo support and it also using infrared but currently that is just a rumor. Not the biggest deal in the world but it still is too bad for those who were looking forward to dusting off their Circle Pad Pros.
  • If you’re wondering why a Sunday column is coming out on a Monday then let me explain! I mainly wanted to give the Legacy Lookback some space on the front page since it came out Saturday night. So if the Lookback comes out late on Saturday expect this up on Mondays from now on. Hopefully I can be more timely with both features! Next week’s Legacy Lookback will be part two on the Strange Enemies of Sarasaland.
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