Treese On Games: Mario Takes America, Smash Bros. & More!

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Treese On Games is a Sunday column where Tyler Treese takes a look back at all of the week’s gaming news and gives his thoughts.

This was an awesome week for fans of cancelled videogames as we saw not one but two Mario games (one forgotten, one never revealed)! The first up is Mario Takes America which was going to be for the Philips CD-I console. Cigam Entertainment was working on the ill-fated game. I’ll let Unseen64, who unearthed a ton of information on the game, explain the basic premise:

“The idea behind Mario Takes America was to educate younger audiences about American culture, under the guise of a fun 3D platformer. It was to feature Mario traveling all over the country, running around in levels based off real life locations, such as New York.“

Would I like to travel across American and learn fun facts with Mario? Of course! I mean I already traveled the entire globe with Luigi so of course I would like to spend some quality time with the older brother! Make sure you give the full article a read over at Unseen 64 since its a very interesting story that even involves a certain blue hedgehog.

  • The other Mario game we found out about was the concept of Super Mario Spikers which was pitched by Next Level Games. We have an article up on the site about it already so i’ll go straight into my thoughts. I like Super Mario Spikers as a concept a lot. Mario characters already get a lot of love on the VGCW circuit so Nintendo having their own strange wrestling/volleyball hybrid would have been a ton of fun. Next Level went on to create the amazing Punch-Out! game for the Wii (which featured a certain ape) so not all is sad.
  • Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai explained why the Ice Climbers would not be in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U in a recent column. He explained that the developement team had the Ice Climbers running on the Wii U but they weren’t working on the 3DS due to hardware limitations. While i’m not losing any sleep over the loss of the Ice Climbers I am very disappointed that the 3DS’ limitations have affected the roster. Here is hoping that the silly roster equality between both versions goes out the window once DLC hits and the Wii U version can regain the Ice Climbers.
  • You guys voted last week for which Mario game I should check out and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga won in a landslide defeating Mario Pinball. I haven’t had a chance to really sink into it yet but i’ll be sure to give my first impressions next week. Since I have played every other game in the series I am excited to see where it all started!
  • Finally, the Smash Bros. demo has now been released to the public and not just Club Nintendo Platinum members. So how are you guys enjoying it so far? I haven’t played it since last week due to being so busy but i’m sure i’ll get in some more smashing soon. I really am enjoying seeing all the items in action!
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