DLC Placeholder Files Found in Mario Kart 8

DLC for Mario Kart 8 has been the hot topic of discussion lately, and it looks like we now have some striking evidence in favor of upcoming DLC tracks. MrBean35000vr and Chadderz, two well known hackers in the Mario Kart community, have unearthed some very interesting placeholder files within the game’s code. For starters, the following four cup icons were discovered:

Since the cup icons were discovered this past weekend, fans have speculated what exactly these could be. Some said future DLC, others said leftover beta icons, while some simply called it a fake. Thankfully, MrBean35000vr has recently come forth with clarification and even more evidence for DLC. The file names of the four icons above are as follows:


Interesting, right? The word “DLC” is right in the file name itself. If that wasn’t enough, take a look at what else MrBean had to say:

Also supporting the DLC theory is that the valid track IDs in MK8 start at 0x10 and run to 0x2F. The ones before that, 0x00 – 0x0F are labelled as Reserved00 – Reserved15, exactly 16 slots that are apparently… “reserved”. What’s 4 x 4, I wonder? And what are they reserved for?  😉

Furthermore, there are 16 full size graphics of 12 Marios on the start line of Mario Circuit, with the word “SAMPLE” plastered across. All of these images are labelled “DLC” as well and are probably placeholders that may one day be replaced with brand new track images.

Very convincing if you ask me. Of course, nothing is certain until Nintendo officially announces anything, but it would certainly be a shock to see Nintendo insert all these placeholders if they did not plan to release anything. Also of note, MrBean revealed another discovery that may indicate DLC past new tracks:

Also, interesting discoveries, there might be plans for a Shy Guy outfit for Mii, and a Yoshi outfit for Mii. There are placeholder files for those on the disc as well, but when we tried to load them, we merely got a red suited Mii. Very unfortunate. Still might be an indicator of things to come, though!

For now, let’s speculate what these four cups might contain!

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