Episode 121 – The Lost Levels (Who Knows Who Best?)

This week’s podcast is a little bit different than most other podcasts! We’re going to be playing a little game! The game is called, “Who Knows Who Best?”. The game is testing each Lost Level to see who knows who the best, we each individually have thought up 5 questions for our opposing Lost Levels to answer, and see if they truly have been paying attention! A great podcast for testing not only your knowledge, but a good podcast to answer some potentially un-common facts about us you might not have known! If you’re taking the challenge, tell us how you did in the comments! Hosting the podcast this week is the potent and ever juicy SpiderStaryu and his fantastic co-hosts are Toadette, Dark Boo, Sol, and SuperZambezi!

Download: MP3 (02:07:20)

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