Countdown to Mario Kart 8: Vehicle Customization

We are six days away from getting our hands on Mario Kart 8, one of the most highly anticipated games of this year. As each day seems to slow down to a crawl as we get closer and closer to May 30, let’s take a moment to reflect on what the game has to offer!

Vehicle Customization was first introduced in Mario Kart 7, and the new feature is back and better than ever in the upcoming Mario Kart 8! Customizing your vehicle consists of picking a kart body, wheels, and a glider, each with its own special stats and disadvantages. There are a few parts that return from Mario Kart 7, but everything else is new for the most part.

In Mario Kart 7, my main focus was getting the best stats in handling so I could clear those sharp turns and get that much sought out boost. As anyone who played in the most recent Community Night would know, I never shied away from my Cloud 9 body, my Mushroom Wheels, and I stuck with the Gold Glider for most of my playthrough. I’m hoping to find something similar in Mario Kart 8.

So what kind of combination do you think you will use in Mario Kart 8? The complete list is already available, so putting together your kart and looking for specific stats is something you can prepare before the game is released. I have no idea myself, but I’m interested to see what you guys are thinking of using!

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