Two More Mario Kart 8 Items Detailed

Back in the beginning of the month, Nintendo announced four new items in Mario Kart 8: the Boomerang Flower, the Piranha Plant, and two mysterious items. Coming out of today’s info dump, the last two items have been formally unveiled:

  • Super Horn: Use this item to send a shock wave around your kart, spinning out anyone who gets too close. You can also take out incoming items like Bananas, Red Shells, and yes, the Spiny Shell.
  • Crazy Eight – Just like the Lucky Seven from Mario Kart 7, this item will spawn a total of eight items around your kart. These items include a Green Shell, a Red Shell, a Banana, a Mushroom, a Star, a Bob-omb, a Blooper, and a Coin.

What do you think of the last two items? How awesome is it that you can essentially destroy an incoming Blue Shell? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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