MPL Community Night – Viewer’s Choice (Wii/DS Edition)


Yes, we’re going to let you guys pick the game to play once again! This time featuring the older consoles!

Many of you have been wanting to play certain games within the Community Nights, and now for the next one on Saturday, April 26th, 2014, we’re going to let you all decide! And we’re making sure those who’ll choose actually are playing this time…

When does this start?
As usual, this community night starts on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 at 1:00 PM PDT (Check your timezones!)

How do we choose which game we’ll play?
If you’re wanting to decide which game we’ll be playing this time around, I highly suggest you arrive at earliest about 1 hour before the event starts. We’ll simply take a vote on which game(s) will be played, however, we’re also going to be a bit flexible with how the games go, so even if you see people playing a game you don’t have, there might be another host (possibly) playing a game you do own (or could even start up a new game if enough want to).

What else do I need to do to play?
For the most part – make sure you have your Wii and DS games ready to play and your Friend Code’s from the games prepared to share. Depending on the games we play, you might have to also find out which host is in the same region as you (if required) or even join others in 1-on-1 matches. Also note that since we’re doing this to play game that require Nintendo WFC before they disconnect it, we will not be playing on any WiiU or 3DS systems during the event.

Current Hosts:

Important Notes:
– If you really want to pick a game, do come early, but please don’t complain if us hosts aren’t there right away.
– Respect the other players. Don’t come on just to ruin everyone else’s fun.
– Make sure you follow rules set by the hosts for each game played, so if they don’t want any cheating, don’t cheat!
– Finally – have fun!

We’ll be using the shoutbox below for the duration of the community night – feel free to chat with your fellow readers before we begin. We’ll also be using this before the event to help decide which game we’ll play, so don’t bother commenting your choices below. See you all then!

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