Mario Kart 8 Features Four Brand New Items

Items are at the heart of the frantic gameplay of the Mario Kart series. With Mario Kart 8, four brand new items will be thrown into the mix! Two have been confirmed and explained, while the other two have yet to be shown in action.

  • Boomerang Flower – Throw a boomerang in front of you and have it return hitting anything in its path. You can use it three times before it disappears!
  • Piranha Plant – Just like in Super Mario 3D World, carry a potted Piranha Plant and use it to hit any nearby racers. Each hit gives you a small boost!

Two more items are also set to appear in the game, but what exactly their function is remains unknown. The first item appears to be some kind of box or block with a horn attached, while the second item is simply the “8” from the game’s logo. Could this be a Lucky 8, an item that would allow you to circle eight different items around your kart at once?

While not necessarily an item, a Coin can also appear in the item roulette. Using it will add an additional two coins to your coin count. Let us know your thoughts on the new items in the comments below!

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