Yoshi’s New Island Available Everywhere Except Japan!

Yoshi’s New Island is now available everywhere, except for Japan! Available in retail or in digital, for only $39.99! You may visit our page, but we will not be providing a guide. If you really need a guide for collecting the stars, red coins, and flowers, do not fret! SuperZambezi is providing the guide at IGN. Yoshi’s New Island is still slated for Summer 2014 for Japan. Are you picking the game up to help the Yoshis and Baby Mario?

And that’s not all. If you are still in need of a 3DS, or want to upgrade, or want to get a new model, the Yoshi 3DS XL is also available in North America, Europe, and Australia! The Yoshi 3DS XL does NOT come with the game, packaged or pre-installed. You can buy the Yoshi 3DS XL at your local retailer for $199.99.


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