Four Unlockable Characters in Mario Golf: World Tour, New Details

Members of the gaming press were able to get their hands on a playable demo of Mario Golf: World Tour this past week. Plenty of new details on the upcoming title were revealed, but one of the more interesting points was the fact that there will be four unlockable characters in addition to the 12 already announced characters. Take a look a the character select screen below!

Other notable details from the many previews released this morning:

  • The name of the giant creatures course is Wiggler Park.
  • Music from the Honeybloom Galaxy plays in this course.
  • Direct direction of ball by using the touch screen.
  • No single cartridge download play.
  • No waiting for turns in multiplayer.
  • Send taunts and cheers to other players.
  • There is a Mountain Course.
  • Outfits can be unlocked by completing certain achievement-like tasks.
  • Ghost shots of other players appear in multiplayer.


Source: CVG PreviewIGN PreviewNintendoLife PreviewPolygon PreviewGoNintendo

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