Ask “The Lost Levels” Some Questions (Massive Q&A!)

Hey, SpiderStaryu here! We need your assistance once more, fans! This week on “The Lost Levels Podcast”, we will be having a massive Q&A! Your favorite podcast team will be answering your questions, so that you juicy fans can know what we’re like outside of the podcast! So, have you ever wondered something about us… SOMETHING you never knew!? Ever wonder why Toadette was so obsessed with Aran Ryan!? Ever wonder why Dark Boo rants so much!? Or why SuperZambezi can never be active on Twitter!? Your questions will be answered this podcast!

How it works? Well, you guys simply comment below with questions you have for us! Let’s keep it podcast-safe, guys! You can ask a question to each Lost Level, or for all of us collectively. If the latter, try to keep it to around 3 questions or less! Once podcast time comes, we’ll try to answer as much questions as possible! The L0st Levels joining this week are: SuperZambezi, Dark Boo, SpiderStaryu (Me!!), Toadette, Sol, and Timmy! As mentioned, this is the perfect time for you curious listeners to get to know us better, so don’t be shy and waste your chance; ask away!!

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