Mario Kart 8 Giveaway!

Mario Kart 8 is headed to the Wii U this May, and Mario Party Legacy is giving out one free copy of the game to one lucky reader! The giveaway is open to everyone, including those overseas, so don’t worry about what country you live in. For those in North America, we will give the option of a retail or digital copy, but we will have to go with a digital copy everywhere else due to shipping. To enter, sign into the widget below with either your Facebook account or an email, and do one or all of the following:

Doing all three will get you three entries into the giveaway, meaning you have triple the chance of getting picked! Please consider doing all three as this helps spread the word about Mario Party Legacy. Mario Kart 8 is set to release May 30 worldwide, and we’ll keep the giveaway running until 12 AM EDT on May 30, the time that the game is set to release digitally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember, you must Like and Follow us through the widget above to be entered in the giveaway. If you already like us Facebook and follow us on Twitter, all you need to do is sign into the widget and verify that your account is liking and following us. If you only like us on Facebook and Twitter and haven’t verified it through the widget, you are not entered.

If you have done one of our past giveaways, you will need to enter again!

We will update this post if anything changes or if we have any updates on the giveaway. Good luck!

Update: I am giving the winner 24 hours to respond. If there is no reply, I’ll have to pick another winner!

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