Happy 6th Anniversary Mario Party Legacy!

Weren’t we just celebrating five years? Six years ago on this day, Mario Party Legacy made it’s first official post. What followed after can only be described as an exhilarating series of twists and turns that helped shape our current Mario centric site and form a lively and active community! It might not have actually been that intense, but rest assured, there is a lot of history and heart to this small little site!

Originally known as The Super Mario Party Site, Mario Party Legacy started as a small fansite on January 14, 2008, dedicating itself to cataloging and sharing as much Mario Party information and news as possible. With hope of a new installment of Mario Party slowly dying out, the site underwent a name change in the summer of 2010 that better reflected the idea behind the site, and quite frankly took out the silliness that was SMPS.

Mario Party 9 (2012) was a huge moment for Mario Party Legacy, not only because it was the first new and upcoming Mario Party game the site would cover, but it was also the start of the steady increase in viewership and popularity. News on Mario Party 9 was rampant, and Mario Party Legacy saw more posts in the short period of time before the game’s release than it did since the site’s inception. With Mario Party 9 out in the public, Mario Party Legacy switched over from simply covering the Mario Party series to keeping up to date on the entire Mario series, and continues to do so today.

It wouldn’t feel right not to give a few shout outs and special thanks! A huge thank you to Vipsoccermaster for being here since Day 1, always ready to help wherever and whenever he can. H-J has also been here since the very beginning, and it wouldn’t be right to skip over his many contributions to the site. Our Forum staff, past and present, who voluntarily take their time to help maintain and control the Forum, a very huge thanks to you all. A big thanks to SpiderStaryu, our longtime host of the The Lost Levels podcast, along with the entire podcast crew. Many thanks to Joey, our original website provider who hosted the site for free for over three years. And really, to everyone who visits the site, reads out articles, uses our guides, talks in the Forum, listens to our podcasts, watches our videos, a huge thanks to all of you. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the awesome community we have built!

It’s hard to believe it’s been six years. Let’s keep marching forward and see where we go next!

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