Question of the Week #3: Which Galaxy Game is Better?

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Looks like there was universal agreement in our last Question of the Week! The more power-ups, the better! It’ll be interesting to see what you guys think after playing Super Mario 3D World, but to be honest, I don’t expect many to change their opinions. But that was last week! This week I pose the following question…

Which game is better? Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2?


Both Super Mario Galaxy (2007) and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010) are considered two of Wii’s best titles, as well as some of the top installments in the Super Mario series. It’s no accident. Both games are filled to the brim with brilliant ideas, immense creativity, and wonderful sense of adventure and awe. But when it comes down to it, which of the two is better?

The original Super Mario Galaxy started it all. It brought Mario and the gang into the depths of space and introduced the awesome gravity mechanic that appears all throughout both games. Everything about the game was fresh, and each idea was brand new. Some features presented in the original did not make it into the sequel. The Ice Flower and the Red Star do not return as power-ups, and a hub area like the Comet Observatory was removed.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 managed to build on what made the original so great, but did it do enough to warrant a sequel? For starters, the game features a new assortment of features, including power-ups like the Cloud Flower and the Rock Mushroom, as well as the addition of Yoshi as a rideable character. The hub world was much more streamlined, focusing on getting you to the levels quickly in exchange for an area that can be explored and played around with. Nintendo added new ideas like the Flip-Switch Galaxy, running up walls with Yoshi, the return of slide levels from Super Mario 64, as well as new enemies, bosses, and music. There was a lot of new content, but was it necessarily better?

Which game do you find to be the better title? Do you consider them equal? Did Super Mario Galaxy 2 do enough to name it the better game? Was there anything that Super Mario Galaxy 2 did that the original did not? What about the other way around? Share your thoughts below!

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