New Boards Revealed for Mario Party: Island Tour

Six boards for Mario Party: Island Tour were officially revealed today, including some that we are seeing for the very first time. Check out the names and some images below!

  • Perilous Palace Path – Use awesome items as you race to the finish.
  • Banzai Bill’s Mad Mountain – Banzai Bill is going to launch at some point—play it safe or make a mad dash.
  • Star-Crossed Skyway – Take the Skyway and collect Mini Stars to win.
  • Rocket Road – Win minigames to fuel your rocket for a fast finish.
  • Kamek’s Carpet Ride – Keep riding the carpet until you stop exactly at the end.
  • Shy Guy’s Shuffle City – Outwit other players and avoid the Bowser Card.

There is still one more board yet to be revealed, but going off basic Mario Party tradition, the last board will most likely be a Bowser board.




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