Mario Kart 7 and 3D Land to Get Content Through Nintendo Zone

An in interesting announcement, Nintendo revealed that exclusive content is headed to Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land through Nintendo Zone hotspots. What exactly this content might be is unknown, but it’s interesting to see any sort of update coming two years after the release of both games. You can read the official press release below:


Exclusive Nintendo Zone StreetPass Offers: A previous Nintendo Direct announced that Nintendo 3DS owners who have enabled the StreetPass feature and visit Nintendo Zone locations would receive StreetPass data from the previous visitor. Later this month, owners will receive data from the last six visitors, making it even easier for them to maximize their connections. Throughout 2013, Nintendo is offering free exclusive content to Nintendo 3DS owners at Nintendo Zone locations, including:
– Available now through Oct. 14: Fedora Chair furniture for Animal Crossing: New Leaf owners. A Sushi Platter will become available starting on Oct. 15.
– Additional content for Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Super Mario 3D Land, as well as special Gold Pants Mii character distributions, will become available later this year.


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