What Will Mario Party 3DS’s Final Name Be?

Nintendo is set to highlight all its upcoming titles for the rest of 2013 in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct, and Mario Party 3DS will no doubt make a showing. Since its announcement, the game has been refereed to as “Mario Party for Nintendo 3DS,” lacking an official title. Looking back at the past fourteen years, each Mario Party game has been tagged as a numbered entry, or in the case of the handhelds, the name of the system. You would think the same would go for Mario Party 3DS, yet Nintendo insists the game does not have a final title yet.

We are mere hours away from getting new information, new media, most likely a release date, and finally an official title. Do you think Nintendo and Nd Cube, the developers behind the series, are moving away from numbered entries and the like? Do you think they will finally go with a subtitle? Do you want them to change the style they have been using since the original Mario Party in 1999? Let us know what you think, as well as your guesses at a name, in the comments below!

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