Which Retro Tracks Would Work with Mario Kart 8’s Anti-Gravity?

Anti-gravity in Mario Kart 8 is being set up to be the next step in the evolution of the Mairo Kart series. While this feature is allowing new tracks to explore ideas and innovations that haven’t been possible in the past, the idea of transforming retro tracks may be a bit different. After all, these tracks were not made with anti-gravity in mind. Take a look at the list below and see which track from each past Mario Kart title we thought would work best with this feature.


Mario Circuit 4

Super Mario Kart

The flat tracks will be the hardest to convert, but Mario Circuit 4 looks like it can implement some basic anti-gravity functionality. All those sharp turns with the red and white checkered squares look like great opportunities to throw in half pipe ramps. The long straightaway in the middle could have a full on pipe implemented.


Toad’s Turnpike

Mario Kart 64

Of the few Mario Kart 64 tracks left to use as retro tracks, Toad’s Turnpike would work best with anti-gravity. There are walls everywhere, allowing the designers to create unique uses of the feature just about anywhere on the course. Overhead highways could be used to form some sort of loop, and the addition of a second highway nearby might make this a worthwhile transformation.


Ribbon Road

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Again, the flat tracks will be the hardest to convert, but the theme of Ribbon Road lends itself to the idea of twisted paths and curved roads. Imagine a narrow ribbon branching off the main road, lifting up and looping, allowing only the most skilled players to travel and cut through the tricky shortcut. Ribbons could go under and over, left and right, and just about anywhere in this track.


Wario Colosseum

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Wario Colosseum is the perfect opportunity to throw in rideable walls and curved ceilings. The entire track is made of twisted metal, making for an easy excuse to implement anti-gravity. The spiral road in the middle of the track could use a tilted road, and the the big dome near the end could be made into a giant sphere. Lots of possibilities with this one.


Shroom Ridge

Mario Kart DS

The DS tracks don’t seem to fit the anti-gravity feature very well, but Shroom Ridge looks to be the best of the bunch. The high walls and cliffs look like a great opportunity to throw in some extra routes and shortcuts, and the tunnel close to the end of the track can work as one giant loop. The curved turns could also have half pipe ramps thrown in.


Moonview Highway

Mario Kart Wii

Similar to Shroom Ridge, Moonview Highway features cliffs, higher walls, and even a bridge that could all use a touch up with the new anti-gravity feature. But that’s just the outskirts of the city. Imagine riding along the sides of the skyscrapers, all before ending in the tunnel where all chaos runs loose on every wall.


Rosalina’s Ice World

Mario Kart 7

It’s clear that the anti-gravity feature was something the Mario Kart team wanted to do as evident by the the many tracks that could easily support this feature in Mario Kart 7. You have Neo Bowser City, Shy Guy Bazaar, Wario Shipyard, and many more, but Rosalina’s Ice World felt like the best fit. You already have half pipe turns at the start, and a chunk of the track is inside an icy cave, perfect for ceiling travel. Ice walls are everywhere, making anti-gravity an easy addition for this track.



Agree or disagree? If you had to pick one track from each game, which ones would they be? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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