The Lost Levels Podcast is Looking for a New Member!

Changes are coming to Mario Party Legacy’s podcast, The Lost Levels! It’s time to spice things up and add a new voice to the group! Our current cast of SpiderStaryu, Dark Boo, SuperZambezi, and Toadette is looking to add an extra member to our diverse group. Unfortunately, Timmy will no longer be able to continue on as a regular and we thank him for nearly a year of podcasting with the Lost Levels!

Now, what do you need to become a member? It’s very simple. All we ask is that you have:

  • A Skype account
  • A decent microphone or recording device.
  • Free time on Saturday.

Feel free to contact us anyway if you don’t meet one of the requirements. We would be happy to see if we can adjust for your inclusion. So how do you contact us? You can send us a message on our YouTube account or send us an email:

Simply let us know that you are interested and we can work from there! Hope to see many of you apply! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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