Mario & Luigi Log #8 – Bean Collecting

I’m alive!

I’ve got two weeks to finish Superstar Saga and play through both Partners in Time and Bowser’s Inside Story. I’m not too confident that I’ll make it before the release of Dream Team, but I will try to get as many logs out as I can.

This log sees Mario, Luigi, and Peach running through Teehee Valley and into Fungitown where Mario falls sick and leaves Luigi to find a cure in the Guffawha Ruins. With Mario on his feet, the duo head out to the S.S. Chuckola that takes them to the depths of the sea. After solving puzzles in the Gwarhar Lagoon, Mario and Luigi face off with Hermie III and snag the first piece of the Beanstar.

Many of the things I want to detail are the same things I’ve been praising for the last few logs. The gameplay is great, the puzzles are interesting and fun, the aesthetics are great, the music fits very well, and all that good stuff. Even the story is picking up, allowing us to interact with Peach and keeping us interested in these characters and the mission.

Humor is one aspect I feel I haven’t really touched on in the past seven logs. One of the main reasons I love any Mario RPG is the fact that each game is so goofy and so out there that the comedic aspect naturally falls in. The game is never afraid to poke fun at the situation or the characters, even at the most serious moments. It goes along with the feel of the game, making it a fun, yet tough, ride to the end.

Take a look at some of the characters introduced in the playthrough. You have the misunderstood Guffawha Monster and Gigi and Merri, the exuberant jellyfish sisters. Then there’s the gossip girls from the Hermie Club in Gwarhar Lagoon, as well as the skeleton sailors from the S.S. Chuckola. Each of these characters are different and humorous in their own way. In most games, I’m hesitant when new characters appear, simply because I have no idea if I will like them or not. In Superstar Saga, the only thing I think about is what wacky line they’ll throw at me.

Some of my favorite moments from this playthrough:

  • Geno reference in Star ‘Stache Smash!
  • Luigi cowering all the way to the Kamek.
  • Relieving the Guffawha Monster’s stress by dodging fireballs. Of course!
  • The sinking ship animation.
  • Hermie’s lisp.

As I said before, logs will have to start coming out more frequently if I want to make any progress. Expect two or three more logs for Superstar Saga before we jump directly to Partners in Time. Take a look at the two screens below for my currents stats for both Mario and Luigi.

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