Mario & Luigi Log #7 – Sunny Days

Fire and thunder. I kind of knew something like this was coming, thanks to a comment I read on a Dream Team article requesting that they bring back the thunder ability in the upcoming title. Nonetheless, the inclusion of these elemental powers is just another great addition to the already diverse battle options. Although, the new abilities are great to use during the battle, but they fall a bit short in being incorporated with some of the puzzles in the game world. I’m confident they’ll do something interesting later in the game.

To recap, Mario and Luigi just landed in Oho Oasis where the duo learns the fire and thunder abilities. From there they cross the underwater seabed and head back to Beanbean Castle. After learning that Princess Peach was arriving at the airport, the brothers head to the strip where they face off against Mom Piranha and her Piranha Plants. Having landed, Peach reveals that she does in fact have her real voice, as a Peach imposter was present during the intro scene. At the end of this playthorugh, Peach asks the duo to escort her through Teehee Valley to get to Fungitown.

I don’t have much to say this time around, outside the fact that I’m enjoying the new fire and thunder abilities. Still enjoying the game as much as I did in the previous log, but you can definitely see we are in a cool down period after all the shenanigans from my last playthrough.

I’ll take the time to make some predictions. For one, it feels like the situation with Peach has resolved a little too quickly. It’s a cool little twist that the real Peach was not the one that got her voice stolen, but I have a feeling there is something up with Prince Peasley. Right now, his character serves no real purpose. All he does is pop up from time to time, announce something, and be on his way. I’ll take a stab and say he is actually a villain, or the Prince Peasley we are seeing is some sort of an imposter. I don’t know, things are just working out way too nicely for everyone.

Just when I thought I had a little more time on my hands, I get hit with other duties and responsibilities. I’ll keep trying to crank out these logs as fast as I can, and I might just start playing more before getting all my thoughts out in a log.


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Jacob Nesci
Jacob Nesci
July 13, 2013 11:56 AM

YAY! You figured out the coffee thing! Wow your suddenly playing through this game really fast. Are you enjoying it more or do you feel the pressure of time weighing in on you? Also good luck with Teehee desert since that place is very annoying. Just remember good things await you after your long trek through the desert.

July 28, 2013 3:08 PM
Reply to  Jacob Nesci

I’m going to have to play even faster if I want to make any progress at all. 😛 I wasn’t before, but time will probably be a factor now.

Jacob Nesci
Jacob Nesci
July 29, 2013 2:26 PM
Reply to  SuperZambezi

At this point I’d say its commendable if your able to get halfway through partners in time before dream team.