Every Known Level of Super Mario 3D World

Another big Mario title is headed to the Wii U this holiday season, and as always, it’s time to uncover every detail and every bit of information from every screen and trailer since the initial announcement! So far, 13 different levels have been spotted in Super Mario 3D World, each one with its own unique theme and idea. Take a look below to see screens of each level!


World 1-5


Video here!

One of the playable demos at E3. This level has you riding on the Dorie like creature all the way down to the end of the river.


World 2-1

Video here!

The generic grasslands level. The Cat power-up is revealed here, with plenty of secrets and hidden items scattered about the level. There is also an underground section.


World 4-2

Video here!

Clear pipes are introduced here. The level takes place high up in the sky, and even features a Coin Heaven.


World 4-Boss

Video here!

The boss level of World 4. Surprisingly, the level only consists of a boss battle, something the previous 3D Mario did not do.


World 6-3

Video here!

Bullet Bills! This level has you climbing the tower, using the cloud platforms and the Cat power-up.


Snow Level

Some will argue that there have been two different snow levels revealed, but for the sake of simplicity, I’m grouping them together as one level. Check out those Kuribo’s Shoes!


Underground Level

A possible underground section of a completely different level. The footage suggests that this level will almost function as a race, forcing players to run through as fast as possible.


Desert/Dessert Level

A level that plays on the similar spellings of desert and dessert. You have the quicksand and the sunny atmosphere, along with the cookie platforms and pastry details.


Canyon Level

A canyon like level filled with ants. Little is known about this level, aside from the fact that ants will be used to give players an extra boost in their jumps.


Ghost House

This level confirms the return of ghost house levels. Does the arrow suggest ghost levels will now have branching paths?


Ruins Level

Chargin’ Chucks return! This level also introduces Spikes to the 3D Mario series, this time spitting out a longer version of the spiked ball.


Lava Level

Is this a level leading up to a Bowser fight? Regardless, this level looks very similar to those lava levels found in Super Mario 3D Land.


Grassy Block Level

This level confuses fans the most. Not only does the level seem to miss an entrance and an exit point, the level is being played by the Red Toad from the Toad Brigade. Notice that five Green Stars are to be collected instead of the normal three. We’re guessing this is from a mode outside the main levels, or something similar to the Mystery Boxes from Super Mario 3D Land.

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