Yoshi Available Now For 30 Cents!

As we are on the midst of E3 2013 news from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we must not forget that the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game, Yoshi, is now available for the Wii U Virtual Console for a low price of 30 cents. This Yoshi game is a puzzle game where you must match the same objects to remove them. While it may not offer much, for only thirty cents, it’s worth a buy. This is also a good time to get started on this game, since it features Yoshi, and your favorite green dinosaur will soon be getting his two own games coming soon, both tentatively titled Yarn Yoshi and Yoshi’s New Island.

The 30-cent Yoshi game lasts for only 30 days, until Thursday, July 11, 2013. After this, it will go to the full price. Be sure to download this game to prepare for big upcoming Yoshi games!

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