New Super Luigi U DLC Now Available!

New Super Luigi U as DLC is now available worldwide! Already out in Japan and Europe at the time of this writing, North America and Australia can now join the DLC fun. To download New Super Luigi U, you MUST have a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U in either retail or digital. The DLC will run you $19.99. New Super Luigi U will also be available as a standalone retail copy, but it comes with a green Wii U case and will arrive in July 13 for Japan, July 26 for Europe, July 27 for Australia, and August 25 for North America. The standalone copy is only $10 more expensive, at $29.99. Are you getting the DLC now or waiting for a packaged version?

New Super Luigi U is an all-new game that is just like New Super Mario Bros. U, only with completely different and challenging levels. Luigi is the main character, and Nabbit tags along, who is useful for new players. The difficult levels are short, but don’t stay for too long, you have 100 seconds for each level!

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