New Screens for Super Mario 3D World

It’s always a pain when a game is announced and any new information is kept secret for months on end. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Super Mario 3D World. New images have surfaced for the game, showing off closer looks at the characters and levels that were revealed earlier this month. Check them out below, as well as a quick commentary on each image.


Here we see Peach in her Super from, standing on top of the new clear pipe the game is introducing. It looks like Goombas will be able to make use of the pipes as well!


Peach just finished World 2-1 in her Fire Flower form. We haven’t seen this color of dress before, but take note that Peach uses the same hairstyle that was introduced in Super Mario Sunshine.


Notice the Camera icon in the upper right corner. This seems to be a replay of the level just played, or perhaps some form of Super Guide. Whenever the Camera icon is present, the camera angle of the game is slightly turned, showing off a different perspective. Perhaps you can turn this camera angle on and off during the gameplay? Also, realistic fish!!


Here we see World 1-5, featuring the dinosaur like creature that you use to ride down the river. What’s more interesting is the pink character on the right. We don’t know anything about this character, but many are making connections to the Super Mario Bros. 2 species known as the Subcon, simply based off appearances. The image also shows functionality with the GamePad, displaying how the player can pet the giant creature.


Cat Mario up close, showing off how paw prints will be left in the dirt trails. Nothing too interesting here, but I do wonder why the camera is zoomed in so close.


As we saw in the trailer, Mario and the gang will be able to pick up and throw items like snowballs and baseballs like the image above. Again, notice Mario’s footprints in the grass.


The last image shows another use of the GamePad. Moving your finger across the grass allows you to grow flowers, although it seems like this is just a fun little addition rather than something important to the gameplay. Perhaps this functionality will be of greater importance as the game goes on.



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