E3 Plans for Mario Party Legacy

As many already know, Mario Party Legacy is headed once again to the biggest gaming convention of the year, the E3 2013 Expo. Nintendo will be showing its latest and greatest software at the showing, including currently announced and unannounced Mario titles headed to both the 3DS and Wii U. Our coverage on all things Mario (and Nintendo!) will be our number one priority, and here is a taste of what you will see from MPL in the coming days.


Hands-on Impressions

As you would expect, hands-on impressions and previews from the demos we play are a must, and you will find our thoughts on the latest Mario games within a few days time. Just like last year, I will be heading out to Los Angelos for the big show, along with our guest writer Paul. You can expect impressions from both us on select games throughout the week.


Off-Screen Videos

Just like last year, MPL plans to record gameplay for all of the playable Mario titles available at the show. Quality will never be as good as direct video and audio, but it’s E3. You make do with what you have. Among the neon lights and the endless loops of carnival music (Nintendo Land…), we plan to record as much of the screen as we can capture, as well as recording direct audio from 3DS and Wii U GamePad units.


Original Content

It’s great when a site does all the typical E3 coverage. Recordings of gameplay and written previews are what fans expect, but this year MPL wants to include a few new features that bring out something new that can only be found here. We have original videos and features in the works, so keep your eye out for them!


Daily Podcasts

It wouldn’t feel right to end the day without discussing all the news and excitement with the Podcast gang. Similar to last year, podcasts are planned for both Monday night and Tuesday, and if we’ve got more to say, expect more to come in the days following! It’s a great way to get a round up all the news from the day, as well as getting our thoughts and opinions on all the crazyinees.



All Related News

As expected our normal coverage of all the latest Mario news will continue on, even through the bombshell that will be the Nintendo Direct this Tuesday morning. There is a lot to cover this week, so stay tuned as we get everything to you in a speedy and professional manner!




We are beyond excited for E3 this year, and we hope this will be reflected on all the coverage and content we provide. We want you to get the news as soon and as quick as possible, so I invite you to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, as well as Subscribing to us on YouTube.


And don’t be afraid to follow my own Twitter as well! If the E3 Wifi does me justice, I will be able to tweet from the show floor, photos and all. Look! I even posted my first Vine for you guys!


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