New Super Luigi Listed as 3DS Game?

As if the 3DS didn’t have enough in its massive list of upcoming games. New Super Luigi U is scheduled to hit the Wii U as DLC this summer, yet Amazon has listed the game, titled “New Super Luigi,” as a Nintendo 3DS game. Clearly, this must be a mistake, but it does bring up an interesting discussion point. Would you like to see New Super Luigi U kind of DLC come to New Super Mario Bros. 2? Would you like to see other Wii U titles come across to 3DS?

Also, don’t look into the price point as a hint to what we might actually pay for the DLC on the Wii U. The $39.99 amount is the same price of a new 3DS game, leaving little room to think this price was not slapped on because the title was supposedly for the 3DS. Would you have bought New Super Luigi U for $39.99?

VSM Update: Amazon has corrected the error, as it now lists as for the Wii U, albeit it didn’t say it was as DLC for it.


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