MPL Community Night – Mario Party

From complexity to simplicity, the Community Night returns; this time the night can be enjoyed by all with the introduction of the Mario Party series, so don’t miss this excellent opportunity!


Thanks for playing! Here are the rankings for this game :

Bob-omb Factory
1. Timmy – 85
1. Yoshiman222 – 85
3. supamawiol0l – 63
4. Toblet – 29
5. MQJinx – 27

Blooper Beach
1. Toblet – 94
2. Timmy – 86
3. MQJinx – 78
4. Yoshiman222 – 44
5. supamawiol0l – 37

Magma Mine
1. supamawiol0l – 96
2. Timmy – 81
3. MQJinx – 73
4. Yoshiman222 – 54
5. Toblet – 53

1. Timmy – 252
2. supamawiol0l – 196
3. Yoshiman222 – 183
4. Toblet – 176
5. MQJinx – 168


Mario Party? How would that work?
There is poll below you all can vote for which Mario Party we should all play during the course of the Community Night. After the game(s) has been decided, subsequent polls will be setup to determine turn limit (if needed) and the board to be played. After the game has been finished, participants may record their star and coin total (or other forms of currency) and post them on the main site; they will then be ranked so they can see how well they’ve done.

Polls are over – thanks for voting and enjoy the Community Night!

Do I need photo evidence to post my score?
No, although you can provide on if you really want to. In extreme scenarios with suspiciously high scores however, it is actively encouraged to provide evidence to ensure people don’t think you’re making up the values. Community Night is designed to be a night for fun as-well as a chance to socialize, so there’s no point in posting made-up/exaggerated scores! (You’re not going to win anything anyways if you do win)

What if I don’t have the selected Mario Party?
Don’t worry – you can still get involved playing other Parties, boards and socializing via the provided Shoutbox, however it just means you won’t be able to post a community night score.

When does this start?
The CN starts on the 25th May 2013

1:00 PM (13:00) PDT

4:00 PM (16:00) EDT

9:00 PM (21:00) GMT

10:00 PM (22:00) CET

However, voting for which game and board(s) we’ll play on will take place throughout the week, with a new one coming up every few days.
Keep coming back throughout the week to make sure we play the game and board you want!

What is the Shoutbox for?
Community Night is suppose to be a time when you are getting to know your fellow readers, so we’ll be using the shoutbox to tell everyone how we all are doing while you play. It is also recommended that you update your standings occasionally through here as well.

Extra Information
– The event starts at the stated time – so prepare your games before we start.
– If you’re late – just join right in! It’s never too late to start, just make sure you let everyone know you’ve started just to see how far the others are.
– Don’t make up/exaggerate your scores!
– Don’t reset the game simply because you’re having a bad run! Luck is a huge part of the game so there’s no shame in having a bad score.
– If you would like to post your score, make sure you clearly state it’s for the community night!
– Be nice to others etc.
– Most importantly, have fun!

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