Mario & Luigi Log #2 – Land of Purple

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There is something about Stardust Fields that doesn’t feel right. I get that this is set in a completely different kingdom and an all new location, but I feel like that Mario charm we see in most of his games is missing. What exactly that Mario charm is, I don’t know, but something is is a bit off. Maybe I personally don’t like the setting, or maybe the music was just starting to get on my nerves. I made it into the first section of HooHoo Village and I already liking it better than Stardust Fields, so I’m hopefully my reaction doesn’t carry onto the next location. Anyone else feel this way?

Anyway, for this playthrough, I got into Stardust Fields, found Bowser in the cannon, collected 100 coins, fought Tolstar, and made it into HooHoo Village. It was mild experience, fighting off Fighter Flys and Bullet Blasters, and searching for requested coins. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much, seeing as this is still the tutorial of the game, teaching me about the special jumps and the Bros. attacks. Repetitive, but understandable.

I want to make a quick mention about the controls. For some reason, these controls are taking me a bit longer to get used to than normal. The Border Jump game with the border control was an incredible pain, but I got the hang of it eventually. It’s also taking me some time to get used to switching between each brother and turning on and off the special jumps. Again, I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to it soon, but I’m curious to know if anyone else ran into this problem when they first played the game.

I don’t want to come off as negative about the game, but I didn’t find anything particularly interesting in this section. Like I previously said, it feels like this was still part of the tutorial, so I’m sure it will get back to the exciting moments I had when I played through the introduction.

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