A Look at Some of the Best E3 Mario Reveals

Over the years, Nintendo has surprised and excited hundreds and thousands of attendees and viewers at numerous E3 press conferences, all thanks to the countless announcements and reveals made at these highly anticipated shows. More specifically, Mario has had his fair share in all the enthusiasm and excitement of the E3 reveals, bringing forth new details to upcoming games as well as first time looks at brand new titles.

While this year we will be getting a Nintendo Direct instead of a full blown E3 press conference, things should be just as eventful as Nintendo has already confirmed that the next Super Mario, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. will be showcased for the first time. As you wait for the next couple of weeks to roll by, check out our list of some of our favorite Mario E3 announcements.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

E3 2006


It’s no surprise that the reveal of a Super Smash Bros. game makes our list, but what makes this announcement so special is that it was actually made after Nintendo’s E3 press conference back in 2006. It was at the Developer Roundtable held later on the same day of the press conference where the game was first showed off, and needless to say, fans were both surprised and relieved to finally see the next iteration of the popular brawler. We got short glimpses of gameplay and stages, as well as the reveal of returning and a handful of newcomers. A very exciting end to a day full of announcements.


Super Mario Galaxy 2

E3 2009


Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Each game was home to one of Nintendo’s most recent consoles, the Nintendo 64, the GameCube, and the Wii respectively. Earlier in the E3 2009 press conference, fans were treated to the announcement of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and you would think that would be enough to satisfy the Mario loving crowd. As the press conference we beginning to come to a close, talk of a second 3D Mario platformer was beginning, and fans already knew what to expect. The trailer rolls, and we see Mario flying around new planets, collecting power-ups we have never seen before, and even the return of our good pal Yoshi. Unexpected and satisfying, the reveal of Super Mario Galaxy 2 brightened up what was quite a tame E3 press conference.


Mario Kart and Paper Mario

E3 2010


E3 2010 is regarded as one of the best showings for Nintendo, and rightfully so. The press conference held that year brought forth a slew of games, both for the Wii and the newly announced Nintendo 3DS. So many games were announced that some did not even make the press conference and were simply thrown into the press kit released after the big show.

New entries in the Mario Kart and Paper Mario series were revealed, sending fans of both series into a craze. Fans had been clamoring for a Paper Mario title on a handheld for years, and its hard not to get excited when a new Mario Kart is announced for any system. Typically, once the press conference is over, you don’t expect too many announcements to come from Nintendo again, but this year proved that the surprises don’t have to end once the press conference comes to a close.


Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Super Mario

E3 2011


While we already knew that a new Super Mario game was headed to the 3DS, Nintendo’s press conference at E3 2011 showed it off in motion for the very first time, including the return of the Super Lead and the Tanooki Suit. While the press conference did not have as many games to show as it did the year before, the long awaited sequel to Luigi’s Mansion was announced, and it’s safe to say the crowd was more than pleased. From trademarks to website registrations, Luigi’s Mansion 2 was rumored and suggested to come for years, and the reveal was certainly received well.


Mario Party 9



(Skip to 24.47)

It may be hard for those that don’t care for the Mario Party series to understand, but the reveal that Mario Party 9 was truly in development was one of the greatest and most shocking announcements we, and Mario Party Legacy itself, have ever seen. Our site started just a few months after the release of Mario Party DS in 2007, and up until the eventual release of Mario Part 9 in 2012, the series had gone completely dark. Our site viewers and Forum members waited and waited for any kind of mention of the series, but as each E3 went by, hope was almost completely thrown out the window.

When the E3 2011 Nintendo press conference was coming to an end, a list of logos for upcoming Wii, DS, and 3DS titles began to scatter inside the giant screen. That’s when we saw it. The little logo on the right side. As bad as the stream quality was, we all recognized the familiar style. It was Mario Party 9. To put is simply, the Forum exploded, the fan-base went nuts, and the levels of excitement were at all time highs. It was so wonderfully satisfying and is easily the most memorable and best E3 Mario moment for Mario Party Legacy, and many of our readers.



What are your favorite Mario reveals and announcements from past E3 shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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