Meet the Ghosts of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Gone are the ghosts from the original game, as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon features a new cast of ghosts, specifically those that are from Evershade Valley, the main setting of the game. Each ghost plays on a different attack strategy, and this is easily identifiable by the colors of each ghost. There are a decent amount of ghosts to encounter, so keep reading to see what each one has to offer!




The most common and most basic ghost in the game, Greenies act similar to the ghosts from the original game. Sneaking from behind, they will try to give Luigi a good scare, but a quick flash of the light and the Poltergust 5000, will remove the ghost in a matter of seconds. This time around, they will use sunglasses, shovels, and other items to block shield off the light.




With Slammers, HP is increased, and a strong clasp of their hands will send a major shock wave across the room. Slammers are slower than your average Greenie, but they are also larger in size. Don’t let these brutes get in your way!





Hiders are much like names, meaning they like to hind behind and within objects, and attack from afar. In hiding, Hiders like to throw nearby objects, so it’s best to rid of them as fast as possible.





Moving a step further than the Hiders, Poltergeists can manipulate the objects around it with the use of its large and bulging brain. A Poltergeist will first be encountered int he Library of the Gloomy Mansion, where it throws books around and has a total of 75HP.




Remember the Garbage Can Ghost that threw banana peels in the original Luigi’s Mansion? Well, here is his counterpart. The Gobber will throw ghostly goo around the floor, causing anyone who touches it to lose health. Unlike, the Garbage Can Ghost, Gobbers are extremely slow to move, and they tend to stay in a single spot.





You wouldn’t think something this adorable would causing so much havoc. Polterpups will appear and steal something from Luigi and run off into another room. Using the Darklight addon of your flashlight, Luigi can track his paw prints and find his location. There, a normal ghost battle will commence.





One of the few returning ghosts from the original game. Besides being able to hide very well, we have yet to see what exactly Boos will do in the game. However, it is very likely that they will serve the same function as before, as we do know that there will be a finite amount of Boos in the game.




King Boo

The mastermind behind it all. King Boo is the main antagonist in the game, shattering the Dark Moon at the start and setting in motion the main events of the game. Outside of his role in the intro, we don’t know what else King Boo will do. Perhaps we will see the return of Mecha Bowser?




These are not the only ghosts set to appear in the game. The following ghosts have not been officially revealed, but they were spotted in trailers and screens released within the last few months. We have four below, and be sure to comment on what you think each one does!

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