A Detailed Look At Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s Multiplayer

In what some would call a shocking move, Nintendo announced that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon would feature a full on multiplayer mode outside the main single player game. From what we know, the multiplayer portion of the game will feature three different game types, all taking place in the ScareScraper. All three game types will have you hunting ghosts with fellow Luigi players, whether online or through local play, and game type features a different goal.


Hunter Mode

Simply, the first game type tasks each player to work together and exterminate all the ghosts from within the rooms of the current floor before moving onto the next level. Before the start of the match, players can pick whether to play up to 5, 10, or 25 floors. Difficulty can also be toned to Normal, Hard, or Expert. At the end of each floor, players who collected ghosts receive Red Coins which in turn unlock new abilities and upgrades for the next floor. At the top of the tower awaits a battle with stronger ghosts.


Rush Mode


This time around, ghosts are not the goal but more of an obstacle. Each Luigi is on a search to find the hidden hatch that will lead them to the next floor. Once the exit hatch is found in one of the many rooms, all the Luigis must meet up and hit the switches together to open the hatch and end the floor. You are also racing against the time, so be sure to collect Time Pieces to extend the timer!


Polterpup Mode

In this mode, each Luigi must track and hunt down the Polterpup that is hidden somewhere on the floor. Using the Darklight Device, players will be able to track the paw prints of the Polterpup and find its location. Polterpups can jump through walls and into other rooms, so its possible to have a Polterpup jump to a room with another Luigi. Defeat the Polterpup to move onto the next floor.

Surprise Mode


This unlockable mode is simply a mixture of the three previous game types. Instead of doing the same thing for each room, a random game type is selected and played on each floor. Speaking of unlocakbles, an Endless option can also be unlocked, meaning that you can play one of the game types forever, or at least until someone fails or dies.

It seems as though these will be the only game types in the multiplayer portion of the game. While unlikely, there still could be other game types that have not been revealed, or are simply unlockables. What do you think about the multiplayer mode in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon? Let us know in the comments!

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