New Legacy, the Latest Mario Party Legacy Layout

Mario Party Legacy has been known as the land of the blue for quite some time, thanks to the dark colored theme that showed off the site for the last year and a half. As we always seem to do, a new layout change has come, this time harkening back to a lighter theme of the earlier days of the site. With a new white approach, we hope to give Mario Party Legacy a new feel, as well as a new style that we hope everyone enjoys.

One of our biggest changes, the banner made of sprites at the top, is completely made of custom sprites that have been created from many different fans from the Mario fan community. I don’t want any of their work to go unappreciated, so please check out our Sprites Credits page to see who made each sprite, as well as their full sprite sheets.

And as all new things go, parts of the theme are still a bit wonky and may seem off, so please bare with us as fix it all up! The banner at the top will most likely see some changes and additions as well. Make sure to leave your thoughts and opinions on the new theme in the comments below! And be sure to check out past layouts and themes at our History page!

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